Forest Reckoning by Derek Paterson

Page 37 - Stay dedded.
5th May 2018, 11:03 AM
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Stay dedded.
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Haegan2005 edit delete reply
Rover is brighter then he gives himself credit for. And Kennel home is interesting too.

Layers within layers perhaps?

So the animals, or some of the animals, revolted against the humans, though we do not know exactly why. And it was twenty or more years ago. Which means that we need to go into assumptions here. If this is earth then all the humans are likely long since food. If this is a colony then someone may be by to check on the inmates at some point.

This has lots of long term plot possibilities!

As always, a good story!
dpat57 edit delete reply
Yep lots of ways this could go, I have a path planned but I'm always open to adjustments as other ideas pop up. Thanks for reading!

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